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2020 Guest Speakers

Given our wonderful climate and soils, it's not surprising that the Crookwell region is rich with expert gardeners, farmers and designers. We interviewed just a few for the 2020 virtual festival; we hope you enjoy their presentations.

John Weatherstone on the secrets of compost

John Weatherstone's journey has taken him from the devastating drought of 1982 to hosting Prince Charles on a farm visit in 2005. John is a strong supporter of Landcare and, as a farmer, cared for his land and led the way in sustainable farming. In this video, John shares his extensive knowledge on making compost.

Rose stories with Ian McFaul

Join Ian in his amazing garden as he talks about his fascinating range of beautiful roses and their story.

Pests and diseases with Courtney Haywood Whipp

Courtney is a horticulturist and garden designer with a passion for plants and gardens. Her interest in gardening began as a child, tending her own veggie patch before she'd started primary school. Her interest continued to grow and took her on to university where she studied horticulture, paving the way for a career in the industry she loves. Courtney has been designing gardens since 2004, from courtyard spaces to expansive country estates. Find out what she knows about pests and diseases in the garden.

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