The Gardens

The open gardens of 2020

This year we will have gardens that have never been open to the public, along with classic favourites that are always worth returning to.


Our examples of cool climate gardens opening for the 2020 festival range from small-town gardens to larger country gardens with sweeping vistas, including old favourites like Markdale designed by Edna Walling, The Mill designed by Micheal Bligh, and new larger landscapes like Astiden Springs and Ballynew both designed by Lorna Vallely.


This year our team has worked carefully and diligently to craft a workable trail of beautiful gardens for our community and our visitors alike. The properties selected have been chosen because they showcase the owners' love of planting and clearly reflect what can be achieved in cool climate environments.


We are delighted to be able to offer you this mix of old and new privately owned gardens and we look forward to you relaxing and immersing yourselves in the sensory pleasures of spring and all that is on offer in our beautiful Southern Uplands.

2020 Crookwell festival gardens

Bill Garden

Sandra and Robert Bill

166 Harley Rd

Crookwell 2583

The Bill’s garden was started from scratch and on a budget, so is therefore full of plants and cuttings from others.


Sandra says of her garden, ‘It’s my ‘Always’ garden—Always something to do, Always something new to discover, Always reminds me of family and friends and Always makes me happy.’


This is a wonderful garden to walk around and enjoy!


Jackson Garden

Ray and Anne Jackson

45 Cowper St

Crookwell 2583

The Jackson’s small town garden is a testament of their love of gardening, sharing and the appreciation of cool climate plants.


From an empty block, lots of hand collected rocks were used for dry stone walls and paths under Japanese maples.


Ray’s keen hand skills are evident throughout the garden while Anne’s love is the soil, plants and creating areas that work. Roses, hellebores, clematis, heuchera and Japanese maples share the garden space.


Welcome, relax and savour the moment.


Watson Garden

Mark and Gae Watson

66 Cowper St

Crookwell 2583

This is a delightful small town garden. Gae and Mark have worked meticulously on creating an eclectic blend of country, cottage and garden whimsy!


It is a wonderful example of what can be achieved when combining cold climate hedges and plants with vision, mission and purpose.


This hidden gem features different garden rooms, with interesting structures, including an Ajax wool press, fairy garden, and two bird aviaries.